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Beginning May 19, 2018 all southbound traffic lanes of the Buck O’Neil (Broadway) Bridge will be closed for emergency repairs to the bridge deck.

Two northbound lanes will always remain open during these emergency repairs. 

We expect that the Buck O’Neil Bridge to be closed through the end of November 2018.

  • Southbound traffic on the Buck O’Neil (Broadway/Route 169) Bridge and I-29 will be directed to southbound I-35 and across the Christopher “Kit” Bond Bridge.
  • Traffic entering onto southbound Route 69 south of I-29 will be directed to southbound Route 9 and across the Heart of America Bridge.
  • A single lane of Route 169 will remain open south of Route 9 to allow access to Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.  All traffic using this lane will be forced off at the southbound Richards Road exit.
  • All northbound lanes will remain open during the rehabilitation project to ensure easy access for emergency responders and others to Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

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The Museum

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History Links

Visit these websites for in-depth information on the history of TWA!

Early TWA History

William John “Jack” Frye

Paul Ernest Richter, Jr.

Walter A Hamilton

Walt Hamilton passed away at an early age leaving no immediate family to carry on his legacy. Our thanks to the Richter Family for sharing this important part of TWA’s history from Paul Richter’s document library.

Daniel Webb “Tommy” Tomlinson

General History


TWA passenger aircraft is prepared for take-off at London Airport.

Various shots of TWA Super Constellation aircraft ‘Star of Paris’ surrounded by large crowd at unknown American airport.

TWA Lockheed Constellation

All video credit goes to British Pathé



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